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Discussions either in formal or informal settings on the issue of Governance is chiefly centred on the tandem of Leadership and Followership. Unfortunately, this is missing in present Global reality in virtually all areas both in Government and Private Sectors.

I will like to give a practical suggestion or
solution to the above quintessential observation.

I think that to achieve a better and progressive country, intellectual assembly,
business or religious group, a condition
that I will call “Solidarity Solidarity and
Sympathetic Participation”
must be pursued and attained. The above concept will not be elucidated here given the scope of this article.

For one to be a good Leader, I think one must
be a good Follower and likewise, for one to be a good Follower, one must be a good Leader.

What I mean by this is that, a Progressive
follower is one who knows what it takes to be
a leader because s/he is a leader in another setting. A Progressive leader knows what it is
to be a follower because s/he is a follower in
another setting.

For example, I held and still hold leadership
positions in some settings and I’m also a follower in some settings. This interplay gives me good understanding of the challenges in being a leader and in being a follower.

Many people quickly castigate, insult and
ridicule a leader while they have never felt
the heat of leadership. In fact, they shy away
from leadership positions no matter how small
it is, yet they attempt to make themselves or think they know what being an epitome of good leadership means.

To be a good leader or follower, you need to
practically experience the both sides of the
divide so as to sharpen your horizon and give
you a vintage position as well as the locus
standing to make contributions and to assert your views on what you see as rightly or wrongly done.

Reasonability more often than not is conditioned by our experiential entanglements and as such, we cannot express followership and leadership savvy if we do not operate on the two platforms.

This is not to say those who have operated in this dual mode are automatic progressives because it entails more than that since you must imbibe the learnings from both strata to be a progressive.

Nigeria and the world can be a better place if and only if we build the culture of Progressive Leadership and Followership by being involved in both Leadership and Followership activities from the very level where each individual is. Putting Solidarity Leadership and Sympathetic Participation (I’ll discuss these two terms later) as the core of our actions will fastrack the journey to a better world where Equity & Justice prevails.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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