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The Role of The Church In Financial Literacy: Nigerian Reality As Contact Point

In discussing the issue of money as it relates to finance, it’s important we prove our minds with certain questions. This article cannot address the entire issues of marriage and money, but seeks to give a bit of clarity for those who intend to be married or are one way or the other stakeholders in the institution of Marriage.

Why do people get married?

Why do poor people get married or find themselves living as man and wife?

Why do poor couples give birth?

Why do this poor couples give birth to so many children?

Do they see the children as commodities?

Do they plan to eat them if they cannot sell them?

Is it a must to get married?

If it a must, who made it a must?

Will those, if there is anyone who made it a must for people to get married provide them with adequate resources of living?

Why is it that many poor people like to enjoy the luxury many rich folks consider to be trouble?

Why does a poor man who can barely feed himself get a woman, impregnates her, call her wife, impregnates her many more times, lust over other women, borrow money to entice them, impregnates them and finally has three to four women he calls wife living with him and his possibly nine children in a small space not better than an unkempt poultry room?

Personal Experience With Many Financially Challenged Folks In Christian Circle

Why is it that poor people frequent Churches the most and disturb the Pastors the most, yet they attempt what many rich folks will not attempt?

Given my position in Church and other Christian platforms, quite a number of financially challenged folks come to meet me for matters concerning finance and family, and given I’m a straight-forward person who does not like wasting peoples time or like people wasting my time, I always ask them simple questions such as:

What was your financial status when you got married? (Just to know if they were financially comfortable at least before marriage and for some reasons lost their finance during marriage or they were never financially comfortable).

What is your current job? (Married folks should have a job or had a job job before marriage but lost the job during marriage for some reasons).

If you say you have no job now, what is your source of living and what plans do you have to getting a new and benefitial job?

How many kids do you have? (Most times these poor folks have so many kids than Bill Gates can ever imagine and they still plan to have more if the wife or wives are not already pregnant. Their kids hadly give each other one year gap. The wife breastfeeds a kid while already pregnant with another).

What do you want God to do for you now? (They all almost have one answer which is they want God to bless them by giving them money. My response is that it is not money you need but the wisdom in having and retaining money).

I go ahead to tell them how unwise they have been in their decisions. How could they get married in poverty and still had numerous childbirths in poverty? Many atimes they tell me that it is God that gives Children, and so they can’t do anything about it. Well, I know that my work is well cut out for me, so I get to read more on gynaecology so I can advise them on family, procreation and its connection to Finance.

Well almost all of them do not harken to my words and keep on producing kids who suffer because of the ill decisions of their parents. Kids who if they survive infancy more often than not get to become cheap prostitutes in teenage years or robbers/street urchins.

What Can The Church Do?

It is high time we in religious centres start or increase teaching financially challenged folks to live beyond ignorance. Subjects such as: Living on the Margin, Savings, Keeping out of Debts, Contentment, Budgeting, etc., are quintessential in curbing the menace of poverty amongst Christians and the world at large.

Practical measurements of the effect of financial teachings should be done so as to boost confidence in the process. These teachings does not have to be in the Sermons but classes/seminar routinely organized for sole purpose of Financial Empowerment of Christians.

God is able to do miracles for all if you believe that, but you must be ready for it. When it rains you must be ready to put your containers outside properly placed or you will get no rain water. They say Opportunity which meet Preparation becomes Success.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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