Game. Rules. Romance. Life.

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Rules are general standards, guidelines, or governing principles of how something is done or how one should behave in a given situation or endeavour, especially those that are informal or unspoken.

Romantic endeavours are no exception in application of rules. Two cannot work together except they agree – This is where Rules come into play.

She’s Me. He’s Me

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Commitment is a choice to give up choices. Although this might at first sound limiting, it actually brings great freedom and depth.

No longer does the committed person need to weigh which person or way of life will bring more happiness. Once committed, all one’s energy goes into making this commitment work. No longer are other possibilities a distraction.

Some Absurdities In Marital Realities(Parental Influences)

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Marital distress is one of the most frequently encountered and disturbing human problems. Everyone who is married experiences difficulties. … Some can navigate these troubles on their own, but most often the success of a relationship is best facilitated by family.

UNFORTUNATELY, Family and in particular PARENTS are many times, maybe unintentionally, causes of Marital Troubles for their kids, and these troubles most times start during Dating Period.

The Role of The Church In Financial Literacy: Nigerian Reality As Contact Point

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When you consider that about a third of adults with partners report that money is a big source of conflict in their relationships, it’s no wonder that financial problems are a leading cause of divorce.

One is expected to not treat the subject of MONEY with levity as Health, Education, Shelter, Feeding, Career, Spirituality and so much more are tied to Financial Stability. A bit more seriousness should be placed on MONEY.

My Not So Random Thoughts On The Consequences of Being A Bad Husband or Lover: Series I

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One of three things could be deduced when a Man maltreats his Wife/Girlfriend: 1. He was not raised by a Queen(his mother) so he cannot possibly understand to value his Woman as a Princess. 2. He doesn’t love his own mother even if he claims he does. If he really did, he would have treated […]