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Some Absurdities In Marital Realities(Parental Influences)

Relationship and Marriage is itself a complicated thing, but the Nigerian reality makes it even more difficult to understand or navigate. Below, I have been able to put up few absurdities I have seen play out in Romantic Relationships of people Viz a Viz Parents.


Parents of a Man tells him to date rich ladies so he can get his footing in life through them. He can discard them when he has achieved financial stability, then go for who he loves. These parents have daughters, yet they advise their son to use and dump ladies for their selfish desires.


A lady’s parents tells her to date rich guys because only then can her bills be paid and her life bettered. They indirectly encourage their daughters to be lazy and to be prostitutes.


The parents of a guy tells him he is better than his lover, and there are better ladies out there. So also the parents of a lady tells her she’s better than than her lover, and there are better guys out there. But the truth is that no one is without options, but love doesn’t see alternatives. That girl you call undeserving of your son is admired by guys far richer, more handsome, more educated, and more loving than your son. Just as that guy you insult is sought after by ladies whom your daughter cannot untie their shoe lace. Don’t get ahead of yourself with assuming your kid’s partner is a write-off.


Poor parents that are hostile to the partner of their son or daughter because he or she is broke. One would think that parents who are poor or have experienced poverty would be sympathetic to the lovers of their kid who is going through financial quagmire.


Rich parents who do not want their son to date or marry a rich lady because they believe she is going to pose a problem to their interests.


Parents who tell you to do anything just to make money even though it means you sacrificing your relationship. But these parents could not do and still cannot do without their spouse.


Tribalistic parents who are not comfortable with their son or daughter dating or marrying someone from a different tribe because of cultural and language differences, yet these parents celebrate the idea of their son or daughter marrying Americans, Indians, Germans, French, etc. It seems they just hate their fellow Nigerians.


Parents who recite the Bible to you on the virtue of Believing God and Patience, yet they’re not patient with you, neither do they believe that God can uplift your lover.


Parents who want you to marry their business partner’s child just so their business would expand without giving 2 cents about your feeling.


Parents who encourage their Daughters to take someone else’s husband but would not accept the Husband of their Daughters to be taken by another Lady.


Parents who encourage their sons to take second wife yet encourage their daughters to make sure no woman is sharing their husband with them.


Parents who love you as a rich guy but dislike the lady through whom you became rich. To them, the wife is arrogant or not your class.

There are possibly more of these absurdities, so feel free to add yours in the COMMENT Section. I’ll keep updating this post when I remember more.

FYI, I know these through observation (What I see and hear). Of course, this article isn’t all inclusive. There are many Nigerians who are different.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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  1. Parent who are not comfortable with their son or daughter to marry someone who is not of the same educational level with them.

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