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On Sowore & Nigerian Stockholm syndrome

The reality in Nigeria is abysmal such that someone is in Nigeria fighting for Nigerians against the wicked Nigerian Government, and someone else is abroad far away from Nigeria with no intention of stepping feet into Nigeria or anywhere the Nigerian Government has access to, but that person abroad is castigating someone who physically endangers his life in Nigeria for Nigerians.

Just so you know, Omoyele Sowore abscond from Nigeria if and when he wants, but he chose to stay despite being falsely accused, jailed by the despotic Nigerian Government, and constantly humiliated by Nigerians he fights for. Some even stay in London, US or Dubai only commenting on the Nigerian issues once in 6 months if at all, and returning to Nigeria for campaigns or wedding/birthday parties of their fellow criminals in corridors of power, yet those are our Messiahs.

It’s beyond absurd that without irrefutable evidence but based on conjectures and suppositions, you accuse and want to crucify Sowore of being responsible for the election of Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 but intentionally forget and sheepishly celebrate the Atikus and Sarakis of this world who not just defected from their beloved PDP but vigorously campaigned and financially sponsored the election of Buhari with the intention of replacing him in 2019. We forget or refuse to talk about the massive role Sowore and his Media House, Sahara Reporters played in making Goodluck Jonathan become the Acting President upon the death of President Umaru Yaradua whose Government was hijacked by Cabals so as to keep power within the North against the provision of the Nigerian Constitution that entrusts Presidential powers to the Vice-president upon the death or incapacitation of the President.

If Sowore’s motive for fighting for Nigeria even when I was just an infant during the Military regime and up until now in a Civilian Dictatorship is selfish, then I want to be led by a Selfish man. Many of our fathers and Uncles were no where to be found when Sowore sacrificed his youthful days for Nigeria. We as youths are still no where to be found as he continues fighting our battles.

Just so you know, the policies and actions of the Nigerian Government does not actually affect Sowore as he is wealthy enough to secure the future of his immediate family and probably his future grandkids. You and I barely surviving on 50,000 Naira salary as Graduates (for those that even have a job) are the ones castigating whom we should support in the struggle for the soul of Nigeria.

PDP or APC can as well win 2023 Elections, but it will always remain the fact that those parties and people associated with them and their likes can never solve the Nigerian problem because they are the problem. As it stands, the only Political Party I, and I believe any well meaning Nigerian should support is African Action Congress – Nigeria led by Omoyele Sowore. We as a Country are good at sacrificing those like Sowore , Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho who fight for the common man, but romance our Slave Masters at Federal, State, Local Government, Traditional and Religious Institutions.

To be honest, Nigerians deserve the wicked and incompetent rulers they have always had since 1960.

#RevolutionNow #BuhariMustGo #FreeNnamdiKanu #EndBadGovernmentinNigeria

Iweajunwa Princewill

2 thoughts on “On Sowore & Nigerian Stockholm syndrome

  1. It takes a great deal of selflessness to take the kind of risk Sowore is taking. Factors ranging from low confidence in ourselves, greed awarenesses and the state of the Nigerian politics, amongst others, are salient and mitigating.

    Well-meaning Nigerians who want to stand out, must conquer themselves first. Sowore and his likes, are masterpieces and the majority need to see the light in this.

    1. You 🎯 the point. How do we begin to bring Nigerians into seeing the light for it seems majority are too opaque?

      It will be so sad if rare breeds like Sowore dies without the political and ideological landscape of Nigeria changing for the better.

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