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Learning The Values of RESPECT & PROPRIETY

The first time I got to listen to Apostle Joshua Selman was through my friend Shikena, that was in 2017. I was working on my laptop while Shekina played Selman’s teaching on the Home Theatre in his home.

One thing struck me which still guides me until this day:

Never abuse privileges and never get over familiar with people. People manifest what you see them as. The President can be your Father, but is still your President. Treating him as just a Father reduces the total value you could get from him.

I have always trained myself not to conflate distinct realities by respecting people as they should be no matter how close I get to them, however, Apostle Joshua Selman’s message reinforced the importance of RESPECT & PROPRIETY.

For example, my deep closeness with my Academic Lord, Dr Idowu William of Philosophy Department, Obafemi Awolowo University, has not gotten into my head & blinded me in forgetting who he is outside our relationship.
I revere him so much that in my eyes, he remains my Master despite our friendship.

Many of us have lost out on benefits that we could have gotten because we abuse privileges. We take for granted our Parents, Siblings, Friends, Pastors, Lecturers, Neighbours, Lovers, et al., because we see them every day, have their direct contacts or have seen their nakedness(couples).

The fastest way to destroy destiny & opportunities is forgetting who a person is outside the Relationship you have with him/her.

“Would I Address Him/Her This Way If I Have Not Gotten To Know Him/Her As Closely As I Do Now?”

Everyone has ego, learning how to speak doesn’t make you less of who you are, in fact, it shows how responsible you are.

In a generation where manners are fast eroding, being courteous opens doors that Prayers & Skill may never open. Unfortunately, many of us prefer to be WOKE than WISE. I pray your understanding is truly enlightened on how human affairs truly work.

There is no greater training than learning to respect those ahead of you no matter how close you are to them. I have seen a Woman who willed her possessions to her Worker rather than to her Children because her kids didn’t value who she was. To them, she was just their mum, an old annoying woman who they can’t just wait to depart the world.

I hope you don’t learn the hard way as many have and will learn.


Iweajunwa Princewill

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