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While the Messenger can influence perception of Truth, truth however, has nothing to do with the Messenger.

I can speak the truth and still not follow what I say, but that doesn’t mean what I say isn’t the truth. I’ll suffer the consequences of not following the truth just like every other defaulters. Focus on the Message. That being said, let me give one or two counsel today.


There are Rules to every game, and life is a collection of Games with each Game having their rules.

To succeed in each game, you have to know, understand, accept and follow the rules or you fail woefully.

Desiring success from games you do not accept and not playing by the rules is STUPID.

Every decision has consequences. Some consequences are Spiritual, Physical, Financial, or in other ways.

That being said, your bad actions doesn’t mean you will miss Heaven, but your repentance doesn’t exempt you from the consequences here on earth.

Some of these consequences are not obvious to the public so it may look like you escaped all consequences for your bad actions. But within you, you know you’re suffering consequences.

Back to Rules.

There are behaviours that are acceptable or that doesn’t matter for Singles (no romantic relationship at all).

There are behaviours for those who are in a Romantic relationship for fun.

There are behaviours for those who are in a serious relationship (expectation of Marriage).

There are behaviours for those who are married either they have kids or not.

With the above being established, you do not wait until you are Married or a Parent to live a responsiblie life because life will not excuse actions done when you were just 15 years old.

We have seen how decisions in Teenage years come back to destroy a person when he or she is 60 years. There’s a chain connecting every phase of our lives.

I’ll love to be particular with Romantic Relationships because almost everything is anchored on it, as the Devil makes further success when he hits the Family. Everything starts when you’re still Unmarried.

You cannot get get an A in a Course simply by scoring maximum points in the Exam. The Tests, Assignments, Field Trips, Term Papers, Attendance, Behavior in Class, amongst other things are big parts of making an A in a Course.

Pre-marital activities are part of Marriage success or failure.

You cannot tolerate, encourage, and contribute in flirtatious activities (chats, calls, visits) with an opposite sex or same sex (if you’re an homosexual/bi-sexual) and hope to have a happy Relationship/Marriage. You can’t reap what you didn’t sow, and if you are lucky to enjoy such, it won’t last.

If you’re not willing & ready to sacrifice for anything, then don’t expect the reward that comes to those who sacrifice for it. There’s a Reward System.

You can outsmart your partner by playing the game of infidelity so successfully, but the Universe will always win. When you least expect, you get caught. Some even get caught years after they have retired from being unfaithful. Just one careless phone call or message from the person you cheated with on your partner can ruin everything even when you’re no longer an Active Cheat. It could just be a chat with your friend talking about your previous escapade with someone that puts you in trouble.

Truthfully, we have no acceptable basis to go on Dates with someone we aren’t Dating or Married to. Dates is not Business Meeting. I see no reason why you take or go with someone on shopping when you’re not lovers, family or clearly defined friends.

You have no basis to request or gift money or other material things to someone who isn’t a lover, family or someone else without any strings attached to that particular gift. Every adult knows when there is romantic air around the other person. Stop playing dumb. You’re a CHEAT if you play such games.

The above screenshot also speaks to Guys that date Women belonging to another or women that aren’t just theirs.

Trust me, Evil is fun and a booster, but its consequences are tremendous.

Let’s draw out something here.

You cannot dress and behave like a whore and rightly desire a God fearing Man(not necessarily a Man who speaks in tongues when he is even having sex), just as you do not have the right to desire a Woman of Virtue(not necessarily Sister Coordinator or Tabernacle Minister) if you’re an adulterated soul.

Your conduct publicly must sync with your inward part lest you deceive yourself into Hell.

What Can We Do?

The reading of Books and feeding your mind with other materials on Principles and Integrity are highly recommended, however, there’s a limit to mere Morality & Principle.

We really need God to help us beyond where Human morality can take us. To be honest, there are Temptations so great that only when we stand assuredly on the Righteousness of Christ can we not fall for them no matter what we suffer as a result of not yielding to the Devil.

This isn’t me playing Holiness card, but telling you the TRUTH which will also judge me. To a large extent, the successes of our lives especially in connection to other people depends on us. Don’t go climbing mountains in prayer exercises when what you should be doing is following RULES of the Game.

We most times deserve what we get out of life. Good news is that it’s not too late TODAY but TOMORROW might.

This article is from a Christian standpoint.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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