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Ola Falola CHOKED! Choked is that feeling I felt, In this clime where dream don’t exist. As tangible as reality Occupying space in time Saturating my being Under the burden of care Bestowed by unpleasant existence. Choked is that life I lived In this land where dream don’t live. As rigid as unchanging law Existing […]

Soles In Illusory Motion

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Prinx Maurice Soles In Illusory Motion Illusory movement so captivating yet abysmally bereft of self-destination Driven rigidly by the quest for self assertion and preservation They arrogantly trample upon the downtrodden Forgetting so importantly the sacredness of individual purposes Lives snuffed out just at the prime of fulfilling promises Clothed and shrouded in apparel so […]

One Step At A Time

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Prinx Maurice One Step At A Time Each day comes with feelings and expectations Expectations that the bliss of yesterday should be visible in our today And that the beauty of today be present in our tomorrow We wish for continuous fellowship Warmth provided in the company of each other That our path be the same […]