Self Motivation

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Prinx Maurice Self Motivation Until recently, I get my motivation about almost everything from my parents, siblings, my Lady, few friends and acquaintances, My Academic Lord, Dr. Idowu William, and  even strangers I tailored to be my Role Models. It is very invigorating and reassuring to have these people serve as strong motivating factors until they […]

Learning From Kim Kardashian

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Prinx Maurice Learning From Kim Kardashian When the light goes out, it takes memory to navigate smoothly although not swiftly in that dark path occasioned by the absence of light. Life is not extinguished because there is a darkness no matter how thick and long-lasting it is. But to navigate easily once darkness comes upon […]

One Step At A Time

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Prinx Maurice One Step At A Time Each day comes with feelings and expectations Expectations that the bliss of yesterday should be visible in our today And that the beauty of today be present in our tomorrow We wish for continuous fellowship Warmth provided in the company of each other That our path be the same […]

Want! Not Need!

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PRINX MAURICE Want! Not Need! As Adam Smith was right to say, human wants are insatiable. Given this reality, many humans have become slaves to their own desires of wanting the needless. There is an overwhelming effect Wants have on us, so much that many are almost incapable of distinguishing between their wants and their […]