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This article is going to come off as jokingly as possible but the intention is to pass what I think is a serious message while not making the reader edgy. I’m going to be targeting guys here, particularly my Nigerian Brothers, but ladies are very much welcome to read and contribute.

Let’s get it off!

Guys, if you have come to the full knowledge of your Financial state, and can without error define yourself as BROKE, then don’t ever in your life think of MARRIAGE. OK, you can think, but don’t allow it go beyond just mere Wishful Thoughts. This is not me being all gloomy, but wanting you to know Marriage is a serious business.

Forget about the popular though Dangerously Unscientific Statement that “Some men get rich when they marry some women”.

Until you have taken a Woman(with her permission of course) to a Science Laboratory to verify the authenticity of the above, remain UNMARRIED for everyone’s good.

We all know that many Guys barely survive the Dating or whatever we it is we do in Nigeria, so imagine how Financially draining a full-time Ministry as Marriage can be.

If as an unmarried guy you’re not yet in firm Financial Security, how can you project Sustainable Financial Growth in light of Marriage and its many baggage?

I’m in no way oblivious of the fact that some guys got rich immediately or few years into marriage, but is it Scientifically predictable and replicated even under same conditions?

If you really want to know the danger of marrying as a broke guy, then you need not look far, many of our Fathers and Uncles are samples of this. Many rich guys who got married became broke anyways(this is not to put blame on their wives but simply to buttress the point that Marriage does not guarantee anything and as such unreliable for the enterprise of making and sustaining Money).

For those who play bets on BetNaija, BetWin, SureBet, and the likes or at least understand the rudiments of Betting, you’ll know what ODDS are. The Odd is always against you. So don’t gamble into Marriage because of unlikely financial increase.

In conclusion, this writeup is not an Expert advice but an advice from a “Not too Broke Guy to Broke or Not too Broke Guys”. Well, you can choose to do as you please. Attempt to surprise yourself and the world at not just your own detriment but to that of your wife and kids.

For what it’s worth, gain a bit of financial stability before considering marriage. You don’t have to be a Millionaire to get married, but at least some things should be in place financially. There’s so much poverty in the world, please don’t add to it.

Iweajunwa Princewill

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