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Enjoy Don’t Endure Your Job

You give a servant a kitchen knife to cut down a tree in a specific amount of time.

The servant of course didn’t achieve the target because every odd was against the servant.

You punish the servant for not meeting your impossible & irrational expectation that you also cannot meet under same circumstance.

The above is the reality in working with many Employers. You’re employed to fail and given just enough to keep you enslaved.

Get out as quickly as possible from the absurd slave camps masquerading as jobs. Many Employers are only concerned with profits without regard for Workers. But little do these Employers know that the growth of their Business is dependent on #WorkplaceCulture.

Human Resources and Employers should be a bit more humane in their handling of Workers. The workplace should be enjoyed not endured.

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Princewill Iweajunwa

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