Cutting Edge


Tradition was made for Man by Man.

Man was not made for Tradition.

Any Tradition or part of it that imposes difficulty on Man must be dumped in the Trash.

Rather than take lessons from Traditions, many humans, and particulary Nigerians(I’m a Nigerian) have become Slaves to it. Saying your Ancestors know better is an insult to the Living.

Remember that Human Ritual, Killing of Twins, Genital Mutilation, Dehumanizing a Widow by having her shave her hair, and drink water used to bathe her dead husband as a test of her innocence in his death were products of the wisdom of our Ancestors.

People make laws from their own standpoint, and as such no human law is eternal.

Defending outrageous traditions is akin to a Dog stuck to its Master even to its detriment.

Everything must continually be questioned for their usefulness otherwise we remain pawns in the hands of supposed Custodians of Traditions.

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Princewill Iweajunwa

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