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Death Can Be A Motivation

Do you feel terribly 💔 at the death of a loved one, particularly those who died at a young age?

Have you sometimes frozen up pondering about your own demise?

If both or either of the above two questions applies to you, you should be relieved knowing you’re not alone in such thoughts.

The truth is that Life is challenging because there is Death. The very consciousness of death makes many Creators and not just mere Creatures.

Death is part of humanity, and gives meaning to Mortality. With all the pain caused by death, Death is a MOTIVATOR if you choose to see it as such.

The very presence of death as a stamp of finitude on me makes me motivated to achieve my goals with the knowledge of finitude. My existence is finite and so is yours. We have no much time to waste in idleness and rest.

Rest is in the grave and I am sure we will get tired of too much rest down there.

Draw motivation from everywhere because you need so much motivation to get through this life. There’s a lot of work cut out for each of us.

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Princewill Iweajunwa

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