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Few years ago the word INFLUENCER was not popular and almost never used. Today, we hear a lot about Influencers especially in connection with Social Media.

What exactly does an Influencer mean, and of what importance are they?

The answer isn’t farfetched because it’s veritable. People are called Influencers because they influence decisions. SIMPLE!  And how else can people be open to influence if not in social relations which the Social Media plays a big part of?


Influencing is basically a 3 way thing: The Business Brands, The Influencer, and the Customer(The Influenced).

One of the things I have picked up from my Sales experience is that most people make purchases not because they need it but because it has been endorsed by a person they respect and follow.

They make purchases out of Emotion while justifying it with Logic. An Influencer bit by bit programs your mind into placing that order or making certain decisions in your career or relationship, etc.

While the act of Influencing isn’t bad, it can be a tool for mental manipulation. So it’s advised you take time out to allow your brain do some thinking for you outside the shadow of an INFLUENCER.

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-Iweajunwa Princewill

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