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Benefits of Early Professional Consultation

Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by a client to help resolve an issue he has while he attempted registering his Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (a Government Agency responsible for issuing Certificates to Businesses and Non-profit Organizations).

I provide Business Support services like that through Uphill Global Consults. Such issues as his are common with people who try to handle themselves jobs Professionals should.

While on phone with him, I got to remember he had one time made inquiry from me about CAC registration. Obviously, he just wanted to get free tips from me so he could do it himself.

Truthfully, it isn’t bad doing things yourself, however it could be highly disadvantageous, financially costly, and complicated for a Professional to correct your mess. You get to pay far more than you should have paid if a Professional handled such project from the scratch.

You’ll do well to know that some things can’t be fixed when broken. Thankfully, his situation was not unfixable.

Wisdom is knowing when to spend and when to cut cost lest you overspend from attempting to cut cost.

Always consult a Professional.

Princewill Iweajunwa

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