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The Biafran Trajectory

Do I want to reside in the Eastern part of Nigeria?
I don’t think so. Though I’m proud of my heritage as an Igbo, I however do not have the supposed “Igbo/Tribal configuration”.

Perhaps, my not being born and raised in Igbo land plays a big role. I’m more of a free spirited being that is not conditioned by generally held narratives.

I just need good people around me, Justice & Equity in the Society.
My free spiritedness which may be an Igbo trait, spurs me. And because of this, I lend my voice to the Biafra Struggle. I’m also lending my voice to all others who are & feel oppressed in Nigeria.

The Biafran Struggle for me is not merely the secession of the Igbos from Nigeria, but a cry for TRUTH. Nigeria as it is does not represent truth – Nigeria is a contraption.

I want to experience the beauty of diversity. The diversity in the United States makes them the greatest country. It will be a joy if something similar can be replicated in Nigeria though in a lesser degree since we’re still same Blacks.

While I hold on to my utopian dream, I will wish to express this:

If we must be together as a Country(Nigeria), we need to be sure of this marriage of Cultures and Ideologies. Biafrans demand Justice and Equity or Secession.

A referendum needs to be supported and done, with the Government at the Center truthful about not victimizing the Igbos or other sections of the Country for voting to leave Nigeria.

It must be guaranteed that no Igbo or members of seceded sections will lose their properties in Nigeria though they will automatically be treated as foreigners just like Egyptians, Americans, and other foreigners are treated.

The truth is that, this present Government cannot save Nigeria. It’s not even willing.

I’m very much aware that Igbos aren’t saints nor is there perfect unity amongst us – The Governors, Members of the Legislature (Federal & State), Local Govt Chairpersons, Monarchs, and Elder Statesmen are so corrupt & wicked, which begs the question how Biafra will be different from Nigeria. However, Igbos have suffered so much in the Nigerian scheme of affairs, and it’s wise we try something else.

If not outright Secession, maybe Confederation will suffice. This present arrangement is a failure.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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