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On Nigerians and Fraud: The Two TRUTHS

Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. – FRAUD

Is fraud particular with Nigerians? If YES or NO, why is it so? This very brief and simple write-up tries to put things into perspective.


1. Nigerians are automatic suspects for fraud. I worked with a foreign Organization where I interacted with Colleagues & Clients(Students) from other Countries and I experienced firsthand the perception of even other Africans towards Nigerians. I even became a victim of fraud.

2. Nigerians may not even be among top 10 fraudsters by Country.

Why then is the 1st Truth widely held as the only truth?

NOISE is the answer.

Most Nigerians are noise makers. We think our existence is meaningful only when others see and hear us showoff our accomplishments.

Our Naming Ceremonies, Birthday parties, Weddings, Housewarmings, Burials, and even mere proposal to a lover is loud. We always want to shut down places.


With our love for noisemaking a few amongst us have put the majority in harm’s way.

You are into something shady, yet your public display of wealth makes it look like you’re richer than Dangote.

Our Politicians and many Clergy folks are guilty of Noisemaking.

As a Nigerian Politician, you’re de facto guilty until proven innocent. Yet people like Dino Malaye of Kogi State recklessly showoff unexplained wealth.

The Clergy are suspects of fraud in the eyes of a lot of people, yet you see some of them live luxuriously and are arrogant about it.

In fact, many fraudsters in other African Countries can be using fraud formats consistent with Nigerian identity just to protect their respective Countries so Nigerians take the major heat for fraud since we are loudspeakers.

Earliest sets of Nigerian fraudsters learnt fraud from interactions with Whites and Asians.

Who are those picking these money for Nigerian fraudsters in Nigeria if not the Whites who gets big cuts from the spoils?

Are Americans, Afghans, and Iranians not the Hackers developing these hacking softwares and actually executing the biggest hacking deals?

But they are discreet unlike the loudmouths Nigerians who wants to go on Police Escort just because they made 10million Naira from a hit. We don’t just love money, we love the noise of it.

Believe it or not, Nigeria’s reputation is very bad outside.

We are our own problem, but we can still salvage the situation and even possibly transform from the negatives to a lot of positives. All hands must be on deck; the individual, family, Society including peer and religious groups, and the Government. Without frantic efforts from everyone, Nigeria’s bad image outside will only get worse.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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