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Racism: Nigeria in Focus

Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Tribalism: A loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group to the point that dogma and dysfunction become the standard.

The above keywords RACISM and TRIBALISM are quintessential in our understanding of humans viz a viz Derogatory Profiling.

While Countries are working on easing lock-downs over COVID-19, we got hit by something perennial – Racism. This past week has been beleaguered by violent reactions to years of Derogatory Profiling of Blacks in The United States. Of course, there is always a trigger, and in this case it was the murder of a Black named George Floyd by White Police Officers whose primarily responsibility should be the protection of lives including Americans’ and Citizens of other Countries in America.

I think that the Black vs White delineation of Americans is itself a problem. An American is an American irrespective of colour. He or she can be purple in color for all I care. This colour description should be addressed.

Those Police Officers and other Racists all over the world should be severely punished to deter such bestiality and to give Minorities(in this case, Blacks a sense of belonging) which improves productivity for the society.

While I have a lot to say about racism in the Western World, in this article, l’ll want to focus on HYPOCRISY – The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. Africa is thus my focus given it affects me as an African residing in Africa. For now, let’s talk about NIGERIA my Country.

Africans of course suffer racism in the United States just as they suffer in China, India, UK, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc. In fact, Nigerians in their numbers are almost enslaved at their workplaces here in Nigeria by their Chinese, Lebanese, and Indian Bosses. Amongst “Foreign bosses”, Americans, Italians, and Israelis are preferred to work for down here in Nigeria because of their civility and generosity.

But are other Continents sole enemies of Africans?

What do we call the hatred of many South Africans including Black South Africans towards Nigerians?

What do we call the deep hatred between Nigerian Tribes?
On the surface, the Yorubas seems to love themselves, but it’s not totally true. The IJEBUS for example are slandered & stereotyped as Stingy & Wicked by their Yoruba kinsmen. What do we call this?
The Igbos(many) say other Nigerian Tribes are their enemies, but they are not even at peace within themselves. Igbos from Ebonyi State are treated as Second Class Igbos by Igbos from other States. There’s almost enmity between Igbos from Imo State & Anambra State. What do you call this?

I’m from Mbaize in Imo State, but I hear fallacious statements about us from follow Igbos & even from fellow Imo indigenes. Is this love? Just as I feel more safe in the South than in the Northern part of Nigeria, I feel I’ll be safer outside Nigeria than in Nigeria. This is unfortunate but true.

The Police should be neutral, unfortunately, in many cases they have represented the bitter reality of racism in America. But do we Blacks act righteous  over the Whites because of this & many more sad fact?

We are equally guilty if not more because we down here use the Police & Military to intimidate, injure, incarcerate, and possibly kill our Neighbors, Friends, Family, Employees, & Business Partners irrespective of Tribe or Religion.

I have been hurt & loved by Igbos just as I have been hurt & loved by non-igbos. In fact, more hurt has come to be through my fellow Igbos. If anyone can claim to be a true Nigerian, then it’s me: I was born to Igbo parents in the North, I grew up in the Southwest, I have been to literally all the States in Nigeria, & have interacted with folks from other tribes. My conclusion from my experience is that: Anyone is capable of hurting you or treating you nicely.

Until we fix ourselves, family, community, country, and continent, Africans will never truly have a voice. Sadly, even with this Racism, almost all of us will gladly travel to America and Germany right now if given the chance. What does that say about the Conditions in Africa?

For all it’s worth, no one will leave this world alive.
Remember it was Africans that sold fellow Africans into Slavery.

“He who lives in glass houses do not throw stones.”

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