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The Act Of A Being With Ego – Part I: Man vs God

The Act Of A Being With Ego – Part I: Man vs God

After we must have declared God (Christianity in view) as either dead or non-existent ab initio, and must have succeeded in throwing away all the contents of the Scripture as stupid, what next is there to do? Do we shout eureka and then it’s all done and dusted? Does the world become a paradise and a bliss after that?

From my readings of G.W.F Hegel on the idea of God, I understand Hegel to say:

“There seems to be a preconditioning of the existence of God on the existence of humans who are finite beings. This preconditioning is a falsity and impediment to the status of higher reality of the supreme. Man in his finitude tries to surmount that which gives him limitation and thus set forth to make a definition of God from his own being and low ratiocination.” (Paraphrase mine)

“The metaphysical proofs of the existence of God are deficient interpretations and descriptions of the mind’s elevation from the world to God, because they fail to express or, rather, to bring out the moment of negation which is implied in this elevation. For if the world is contingent (Zufallig), it must be only falling (Fallendes), only appearing, nothing in and for itself. The meaning of the elevation of the spirit is that the world possesses ‘Being’ but ‘Being’ which is only appearance; the true ‘Being’ absolute truth, is beyond all appearances in God alone, that God alone is true ‘Being’.” (Hegel, 1830)

Man seeks freedom and does not wish to conceive that there is a Being which is superior to man. Either he kills that superior idea or he defines that idea within the features of his own being as mortal thus willingly accepting an equality but never a superiority of another being.

As a being primarily concerned with self, there is a quest, perhaps not intentional for many, to view and express everything known and yet to be known from the standpoint of the subject. Man thinks he is the measure of all things, and cannot accommodate the faintest of idea that there is a being outside of himself that is superior in intelligence.

Hence, if God must be accepted to be a reality, God must be described by Man and the operations of God must be reflected in the conceivable experiences of Man.

Man is a Being of Ego and his ego must never be bruised by accepting an idea of the existence of something greater. If God must be accepted, he must never be above man but an equal at most. This is the reality of Man.

Reference: The Philosophy of Persons; Solidarity and Cultural Creativity’, Washington, DC, PAIDEIA Press, 1994, P.146.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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