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Preparing For Divorce Even Before Marriage Can Avoid Divorce

There can be a Marriage without a Wedding.

There can also be a Wedding without a Marriage.

The above statements are observable facts. More predominant is the latter.
I regularly go through articles on CNN for relaxation and for fact finding. On a particular occasion I read that a man who is worth 18 billion dollars or thereabout wrote a check of 978 million dollars to his ex-wife of 26 years marriage as ordered by a court which she rejected demanding for half of the fortune which is around 9 billion dollars.

I read she has been an executive in the company and has always been paid her salaries and allowances as an employee. Given this, some say that her salaries and allowances must be deducted from the amount she asks for while some say she has the right to ask for equal share of the wealth.

Whatever the case may be, I think marriage is not just about Love but Agreement. Amos 3 vs 3 says, “can two walk together except they first agree”?

Marriage comes with so many dramas and as such one must make things easier by having a prenuptial agreement. To avoid possible endless court cases and media coverage of a painful or sweet divorce, please enter into a legal agreement with your partner before marriage. You need to know who gets what if divorce ever comes. Clarify issues so the both parties don’t bring down their family over financial matters and other related issues.

I don’t advocate for divorce but divorce happens and will continue to happen for many reasons. Just be clear about your assets before you sign that marriage register. It can get messy quickly if you don’t fix things where they should be.

Prior to reading the divorce dispute cited above, I never had the interest in divorce and financial matters concerning marriage. But with each divorce cases I come to know the more I need to read more on it and seek explanations from legal experts on the complexities of Formal marriage.

Those who just take a woman into their home, and start producing kids without any formal marital documentations as it is the case with many people down here in Nigeria have relatively easier problems compared to those who enter into a formal marriage. Although I have never read or heard that in divorce,  people get paid half or part of the family fortune down here in Nigeria as it is done in the Western world, I nevertheless will not be surprised if it starts happening down here.

For those who want a legal marriage, you need to seek knowledge and legal counsel before marriage. Money matters can bring the worst out of people. Make things easy for yourselves by educating yourselves on the legislation and judicial interpretations of marital laws in your country or countries where you reside and get married. I don’t know much so I can’t say much.

In closing, please do well to consult a marriage expert, I don’t mean your Religious leaders but legal experts in marriage. Also educate your partner on the need for understanding marital policies. It will save you both needless war from what used to be love.

Preparing for divorce even before marriage can avoid divorce.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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