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Digital Passport

Digital Passport

The world is fast becoming a village where everyone’s identity is known to all. Maybe not everything, but enough to form an opinion of a person. We all know the hackneyed mantra, “Don’t care about what people think of you.” That would have been perfect in all cases if only we didn’t need others. “I checked him up on the internet, but couldn’t find a thing to make an opinion of him,”said Gabriel Izunna. “That is crazy,” I retorted!

But that wasn’t exactly the case because James Fakayode, the guy Gabriel and I were discussing had a social media presence, at least he is active on Facebook and a bit of an off road driver on Twitter. So what then was the issue about not finding a thing about James on the internet? It was simply the absence of corroborative information online in connection to the James’ offline profile. Who he is outside the Digital World is a sharp contrast to who he is on it. It just didn’t add up to the Human Resources Manager, Gabriel Etuk. Well, I happen to be a friend to both of them.

The years of strict information privacy is getting outdated by the day as Companies and even individuals want to know more about people they have any dealings with. Companies desire so earnestly to have beyond surface information on their possible new recruits and clients. Individuals want to know if they are truly compatible with their new contact. No one wants a Ghost as an Associate, Client, Friend or Lover.

Social Media Phenomenon

We all saw the Movie “Ghost Rider,” well, that is a movie, little wonder we enjoyed the movie, at least I did enjoy seeing the movie. Will be seeing it again tonight. But in reality, no one loves a Ghost Rider. A dead Online presence is equal to being out of reality. It is even worse than that. Your identity online must be in sync with your identity off it. In fact, people tend to believe your Digital Identity more than the “Hard Copy” itself. Keeping an empty or vague online profile is absolutely suspicious in today’s Digital Universe. Keeping an online  profile completely in contrast to your offline profile is even more grievous. No one can believe your sincerity. Well, I for one will doubt you.

Avoid Let Downs

People don’t know the stuff you are made of. Telling them yourself doesn’t cut it these days. They want to see for themselves the brand that you are. Many good candidates have failed and will keep failing to secure that Job they have been so dying for simply because they have no proof to justify what they say they are. Your Resume stating your Client-Relation Skill, Critical Analytics and Imaginative Mind will be looked into by your prospective Employers. Where else can they get to see those highlighted skill play out if not in your Social Media activities? The bigger you become online, the less chances you have to hide a lot about your Identity. the Digital World thus becomes your Passport. So the question is this, what will you do about your Identity? Ponder on the opportunities you have lost, and opportunities never given to you in the first place. Would things have been different if you had a Digital Passport?

What Do I Suggest

Given my little piece above, it should have been obvious what my advice would likely be. Just in case you didn’t get it, I will simply advise you get to build a Social Media presence. Don’t just allow your online presence grow by amassing Friends and Followers at all cost, be in-charge of it. Tailor your Digital Passport along your need and person.

Let your Social Media platforms be true reflection of who you are and what you stand for. I have seen couple of folks get a job, secure deals with the influence of the Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three top Social Media platforms people use, but don’t really put into good use. It’s all fun to be all Glitz and Glam by uploading pictures of yourself and friends having fun, but to what end is that? You should have a strategy and target.

You could also improve your Professional outlook by signing up on Professional Platforms such as Get to have your profile on couple of websites. You can do many positive and fun stuffs to achieve a strong online presence. Being business minded isn’t a fun killer as people will have you believe.

In the course of time and associations with people, I observed that those who go in search of jobs don’t get it, and even if they do, they don’t get it quite easily. The reason for this is simply because Companies need people with a good profile. Make yourself a brand today and see your value increase in no time. It is the value that attracts the Money. Don’t chase money then, go after becoming a Valuable Brand. I didn’t learn this early, but you can. Your key to becoming a Great, and a high income earner might just be with you getting your Digital Passport.

Trust me, i’m also building myself to be a brand.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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