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Mental Beauty: So Much More

Mental Beauty: So Much More

We have all come to embrace the concept of beauty almost without questions. Even the blind cannot be excluded from the enterprise of laying claim to perception and expression of beauty.

But the truth is that most men including the writer of this post at most times are first attracted to a lady by bodily beauty as revealed in curves and contours, and ravishing smoothness of the skin. Bodily beauty is more often than not the first point of attraction but it is only the beginning of a possible lasting relationship which could culminate in marriage if marriage is a desire.

The problem with many broken down relationships is not with the first stage of attraction but with the subsequent stage(s) or absence of important subsequent stage(s). From my experience and observation, after a man has gotten interested in a woman because of her beauty and have wooed and possibly secured her as his lover, more is expected in the woman vice versa  if the relationship is to continue getting better.

There needs to be a proof that she has more to offer in the relationship than her bodily beauty. sadly, when she cannot offer anything beyond her bodily beauty and curvy elegance her value begins to depreciate before her man. The man begins to see everything as boring and jejune. Unfortunately though almost always expected, the lady as it is mostly the case with many ladies conclude that her man acts cold towards her because he had finally had sexual intercourse with her and as such he plans to break-up with her since he has obviously gotten the cookie he wanted all along.

But this is not always a true conclusion. It’s not always true with all men although most men are into a relationship because of the available sex.

The truth in most cases is that the man who initially got enchanted with the lady’s bodily beauty naturally evolved to want more from her. What he wants transcends the realm of bodily beauty into the realm of mental beauty which the lady lacked.

This situation where a lady fades before her man because of her lack of mental beauty is not generalized because some men do not even know what mental beauty is much less value mental beauty. Some men don’t have mental beauty so they could never have disliked their lover because of the lack of mental beauty in her.

The situation where a man eventually dislikes his woman because of her lack of mental beauty would have been avoided if the man was patient enough to first observe the behavior of the lady, her mannerisms, charisma, speech, associations and many more similar and relevant traits that concerns Mental Beauty. Most men don’t wait to observe a lady’s mental make-up before they woo her for if they had waited to observe, they possibly would not have wooed her simply because she possesses bodily beauty.

There is a failure on the part of the man and also a failure on the part of the woman. The man was too eager to have the lady so he never thought beyond the immediate while the lady failed to enhance and build her mental beauty thinking that all men are enchanted and tied to a her because of her bodily beauty alone. Most men are enchanted by a woman’s bodily beauty but something more keeps some men tied to a woman. This something more for few of us is MENTAL BEAUTY.

Is there a solution to this phenomenon in break-ups? Of course there is. Mental beauty is not purely hereditary(so I think), so any serious lady who wishes to get and retain her noble minded man must learn to cultivate Mental Beauty and not simply rely on Bodily Beauty as her sole bargaining chip. Most men are moved by sex and bodily attractiveness and once they have had enough of the sex, they move to the next available bodily beauty or any feminine body that is willing to accept his orgy.

As a lady, you might not be so lucky to have a man who is willing to remain solely with you just because you are bodily beautiful. The men that may come your way may need more than your body but many men will not teach you to improve your mental strength so they end up leaving you for what you don’t have. Unfortunately, you might have slept with them and also provided other services, so you naturally feel cheated, used and dumped. It’s within your right to feel used and dumped but it’s also your right to gather yourself up and develop your mental power. You may not be so lucky to have a lover who cares about you so much that he takes time to help you grow mentally.

For you ladies who don’t have a man who teach you the need for mental beauty, take this post as my gift to you on behalf of all men who wishes to have a mentally beautiful woman in their lives. Don’t again say you were not told about mental beauty. We men see Mentally Beautiful Women on TV. We read about them in the Newspapers and Magazines. We also have met some as Sisters, Mothers, Friends, Acquaintances, and Ex-lovers. So we know what it means for ladies to have Mental Beauty.

From A Caring Brother, Uncle, Lover And Existential Expressionist.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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