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Of all things that has succeeded in confusing me, nothing surpasses the confusing reality TRIBALISM.

An Igbo person says and believes his tribe is the best. Same goes for the Yorubas, Hausas, Ijaws, Nupes, etc.

But can you honestly say you have not been deeply HURT by a member of your TRIBE or made very HAPPY by a member of another Tribe?

I have come to realize that once Tribalism gets a hold of you, the fact that you have a PhD, must have traversed the world, reside in Europe or America will all count for nothing as you will still be a primitive mind in a modern body existing in a modern era.

I hear many poor/average Nigerians cast tribal insults on people from other tribes who they barely know anything safe the occasional exchange of greetings in the neighborhood (for those who reside in places like Lagos & Abuja), or have contacts in business places.

The bulk of their direct hurts though experienced in the hands of their fellow tribesmen is utterly forgotten on the Altar of Tribal bias. They blame other tribes for their woes while they turn their back to the TRUTH – The truth that your biggest problem is from your tribe. Your tribesmen sold you out because “without the rat inside your home, the rats outside won’t be aware of the fish hidden in your cupboard”.

The Igbos claim they are the cleanest. Well, I have seen countless dirty Igbos.
The Yorubas claim they are the smartest, I have also seen innumerable senseless Yorubas.
The Hausas claim they are brave, I from experience know that a large number of Hausas are cowards.

I have been hurt so much by my fellow Igbos. In fact, the bulk of my pain is in the contact I have with my tribesmen.

If a Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik, Ijaw, Nupe man or woman can use his or her husband/wife or kids for rituals in the name of MONEY, what makes any TRIBE different?

Rochas Okorocha is Igbo. Olusegun Obasanjo is Yoruba. James Ibori is from Niger Delta. Buhari us from the North. Are the failures of these men not proof enough to the stupidity in portraying your TRIBE as the best in almost all matters?

Some Yorubas and Igbos around me vow never to get married to a member of the other tribe citing cultural and language excuses, but I see them fantasizing marrying an American, German, South African, Philippine or people from other sovereigns. Confused people they are. They cannot coexist with members of other tribes within same geographical location despite shared experiences, yet they think they will be better off with folks from another clime and experience.

The Ekitis detests those from Ijebu. Those from Imo State are skeptical of those from Anambra State. Even amongst those in Kaduna State, they hold each other in high suspicion.

For each wrong a member of another tribe can do to you, members of your own tribe can do 10 times more.

Treat each individual HUMAN as uniquely different.

Until you have gone round Nigeria to at least 30 of the 36 States of Nigeria plus the FCT, and resided for a month in each of those States, keep quiet when issues about TRIBES and CULTURES are been discussed.
You have no experience to understand the issue of Nigeria’s CULTURALISM and MULTI-CULTURALISM.

Staying all your life in Yoruba land, East, Niger Delta, or North is a great disservice to yourself.

Don’t be a Coward. Meet people from other CULTURE. Perhaps your mind will have a readjustment if it’s not too far twisted already.

This write-up does not in any way water down the realities of individual Nigerian tribes in lieu of their Political Struggles, but brings to attention the truth that the real and assumed hurt caused by members of other tribes was/is/will be only possible because of members of their tribe that sells them out.

Since snitches cannot be utterly eradicated even within nuclear families, then there is a need to calibrate our minds to a better solution. The Solution is this: See all Humans as individuals rather than as collectives.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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