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We Have No Experience And We Are Proud of It

The Nigerian Political atmosphere has been heated for some time now. But for the very first time, I can almost conclude that Nigerians in their numbers do not truly desire freedom as they are willing to remain sandwitched between an OPTION which appears two PDP and APC respectively represented by Atiku and Buhari.

For those of you who say Omoleye Sowore has no political experience as a Councillor, Local Government Chairman, Senator, Governor, Vice President, and maybe Chairman of EFCC or as a Minister/Commissioner, have you ever heard of a man called NELSON MANDELA?

Go read up on Nelson Mandela and the chaotic reality of South Africa during his time and compare it to the relatively less chaotic reality we are experiencing in Nigeria today. And if you still feel Sowore has no experience to be President of Nigeria in the 21st Century, then you need an appointment with teams of Doctors.

I’m trying so hard to understand the point by enemies to Reason though victims of Nigeria and Africa’s political enslavement, but I still can’t figure it out.

By Experience, do they mean Assassination, Looting, Godfatherism, Lying, promotion and accommodation of Terrorism, economic slavery, devaluation of Education, promotion of redundant culture, corrupted religions over Ratiocination, Cognitive and Scientific development?

What will be the product of being under the tutelage of these Nigerian Emperor Neros if not Corruption qua pure Corruption? I’ll rather that Omoyele Sowore as it was with MANDELA lack this supposed EXPERIENCE than pass through the swine transforming mentorship of the Buharis and Atikus.

We all complain about a system that has kept Nigeria static at best and rapidly retrogressive at worst, yet many amongst us hold on so tenaciously to the chains that has limited our growth though it allows us motion without movement. Nigerians have become instantiations of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

We say our votes don’t count and as such we won’t vote, yet these Certificated Rogues pay us stipends to get our votes or PVCs. Will they spend billions of Naira on bribing us if really our Votes don’t count?

“Sowore cannot win” you say, but does it not occur to you that if you give him one vote and I give him one vote, and another gives him one vote, then he has 3 VOTES? You want Positive and Progressive Change in our Nigerian Reality, but you rather sing songs of Lamentations and pull down the very people that have shown to feel what you feel and are passionate enough to want to get killed for a better Nigeria.
Your passivity in face of the dark turbulence so pervading the sociopolitical economy of Nigeria does not excuse you from being a contributor to this failed Country.

It does not matter how you take it, the Truth is that if you support or vote APC or PDP, you are part of the problem of Nigeria and the reason why Africa is backward and may remain in the Dark Age forever.
You may have a job, some cash in hand now, but what foundation will your Children and your children’s children stand upon to make a livelihood if we continuously limit our choice of Political leadership between Evil and Incompetent humans who care less about Nigeria?

Keep singing the Praises of our Slave Masters. A day will come when you won’t have the strength to even motion for HELP. Your tongue at that time will cleave behind closed lips.

I don’t know SOWORE personally. I’m just taken into by the IDEA he represents. People die, but ideas are immortal.

The Truth is that fighting for the emancipation of Nigerians from sociopolitical slavery seems like it is fighting a losing battle. The subjects are not yet aware they are in chains. The many years of being in captivity has created an illusive idea of freedom to them.

One must apply Francis Bacon’s Theory of Idols if one must stand a chance at liberating these Nigerians.

Please take your time to read just the summary of Francis Bacon’s Four Idols:
1. Idols of the Tribe
2. Idols of the Cave
3. Idols of the Marketplace
4. Idols of the Theatre

God help Nigeria as you go out tomorrow 23/02/2019 to cast your votes.

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