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Measuring Your Christian Life

Prinx Maurice

Measuring Your Christian Life

Today on Christian Discourses, I will love to share with you my thoughts on Christian Life and the realities of it as I see it.

Suffice it to say that when everybody likes you then there is a problem with your Christianity for it shows you compromise on various fronts.

When everybody hates you, then it shows there is a problem with your Christianity for your lfe should draw people close to Christ as well as cause people to hate you for the sake of the Gospel.

While there exist rooms for multi-interpretations of religious experiences occasioned by the dynamics in the human individualism, it is wise to be careful when some hate you and some like you. Those who hate you may not really hate you but your anti-christian actions could just be what they detest while you wrongly think it is your Christianity they detest.. Those who like you may like you because they see you as a part of them in sin even when you think you are a Christian. It means you deceive yourself into accepting the opposites.

It is not a comfort zone to be a Christian. You cannot have your way all smooth and cozy if you are a practising Christian. Philipians 4 vs 19 says “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus”. This does not mean your needs are always what you think they are. Your needs are essentials for your walk towards eternal life and in ushering others to Christ. Any other thing you see as needs are not so, and as such, God may not supply them. Don’t come to Christ for riches because that is misconstruing the purpose of Christ’s coming. He came so we will have eternal life and nothing more.

You don’t need to be a Christian to be rich, famous, fruitful in marriage, business, education and other aspects of human life. “He lets the sun shine on the righteous and sinner alike just as he lets the rain fall on the wicked and good alike.” Material bliss is not the exclusive reserve of Christians, so don’t get it twisted that as a Christian you must be materially comfortable. You can be materially okay as a Christian but that is not the gift for being a Christian. The gift for being a Christian is avoidance of God’s wrath in the judgment day and the reward of eternal life which is of course reflected through the presence of the Holy Spirit in Christians.

Watch your ways and understand that tribulations will come, but the Christ in you will set your mind fixed on the last day and not on the present earthly life. When eternal life is your focus just as becoming a vessel by which Heaven’s will is done on earth, the availability of riches or the lack of it thereof will not take you away from God or bring you closer to Him just as the presence of poverty and other misfortunes will not take you away or bring you closer to God. With or without all these, your goal remains singular and it is that you make Heaven and also help others make Heaven as much as you have the grace to do.

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