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Romance And The Church

Prinx Maurice

Romance And The Church

Christianity is a lifestyle and not religion qua pure religion, but this has generated so much trouble that i’m concerned over the effect of this sweeping and almost unrestricted declaration on what Christianity is.

I’m lost when I see publications and signposts of Churches with the Senior Pastor and his/her spouse so cuddled up in a romantic pose. One of the ideas behind Prinx Maurice Blog is to create a platform for analysis, study and understanding of top christian subjects on issues that are so quintessential to Christianity.

In lieu of the above Christian Mission of Prinx Maurice Blog, what does a romantic couple pose have to do with the Gospel? I could be wrong, but I think that apart from the tribe of Levi who were all Ministers in the house of God, no other tribe or group of persons can lay claim to having the “Clergy-call” as a family inheritance. In fact, the women of the tribe of Levi have little or no role in the Ministration at the Altar except on Musical affairs of the Tabernacle which is itself very restrictive and censored. Now there is basically no record of the Original Tribes of Israel.

I know there may be objections to my opinion by in citing the Post-Christ era as the freedom of all genders and people to serve at the Altar, but I will like to caution such hasty response by citing the traditions of the early Apostles/Ministers of the Church who never made their clerical duties a romantic/family affair. That you are a Male/Female minister does not mean your spouse or kids must be ministers also. Elisha, Isaiah, Deborah, Ezekiel, and a host other Ministers (non-Levites) had non of their family member or spouse as an automatic partner or successor in clerical duties and offices.

From the foregoing, it seems so obvious that contemporary clergy feels and acts like the Church is a Show business where their faces and faces of their spouses must jointly be on bill boards and on the internet. They have so seen the Church as a Corporation that must have their family members as Executives and Board Members. I must advise at this juncture that I in no way go against the possibility of an entire family being chosen by God as Ministers of the Church, but that it is highly unlikely that every individual in a family must become God-chosen Ministers because the Father or Mother was called to serve as a Minister of God.

Funny that most Pastors have almost all their children as Pastors heading different branches/departments of the Church. Do they want us to believe that God called all their children with their wives/husbands inclusive?

I won’t be surprised if I am called an Atheist or a confused Christian who needs the understanding of the Holy Spirit. You may not be wrong to call me an Anti-Christ, for if what is been practiced by the majority in contemporary Christianity is Christ-like, then I fully accept that i’m Anti-Christ. But if nothing else is sure, It is sure that I read and understanding the Scriptures as it should be by the grace of God.

I’m not a conformist, for if Christ himself was a conformist, then we would never have had him die on the cross as the Messiah. Christianity itself started as a rebellious movement. Christ was a rebel and I willingly accept to be a rebel for him. Well Martin Luther, John Hus, John Calvin and many other reformers of old were called Heretics by the Catholic Church, but without those supposed Heretics, we would never have had the Bible or Christianity revealed to us given that the Catholic Church/Roman Empire never wanted the world to know the truth about the Bible. If the Reformers were not Heretic, these contemporary Pastors would never had gotten the opportunity to own a Bible much less become the Clergy they are now.. They would have remained sheepish to the Roman Church just as they wish we remain sheepish to them. We won’t all be a sheep. At least I won’t be a sheep. Ken Ham, Kevin Romeril, Ray Comfort, Chris Onayinka, and many other contemporary Christian Apologetics have and will be called worse names by supposed Christians and non christians alike. I have no problem being included in the category.

It is my deepest hope that we keep bringing to you top

I pray the grace of God abound on all and that Christians begin to follow the Berean path. Amen!

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