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Seeing Through The Eyes Of Ex-NYSC Corps Members

Prinx Maurice

Seeing Through The Eyes Of Ex-NYSC Corps Members

Do you know how painful it is that after the compulsory 1 year NYSC, you go back home with nothing and you stay with your parents or guardians for months or years without a job? You become a kid once more by depending on your parents for mere food, shelter, clothing and even money to buy soaps, airtime, haircuts, cash to watch football in viewing centres and for a whole lot more.
Do you know how sad and poor it is for graduates to be paid #19,800 ($55) monthly throughout the 1 year service? Very sad right? Sad as it is, it cannot be compared to wasting that 1 year in NYSC and finally returning home to your parents to live off them once again. Will it not be better if the Government of Nigeria give Graduates the entire #19,800 * 12 which is #237,600 ($660) in one fell swoop so they can utilize it for SMEs and whatever thing they can sustain life with instead of making them spend the entire money bit by bit during the ridiculous service year? Come to think of it, NYSC Corps Members pay on a 30 day ratio is #660 ($1.8). This is just around the World Poverty Index.
I pity so many ex-corps members who are at home having no idea where the wind is blowing them towards. Many can’t even boast of #300 now. Many saved up their NYSC allowance so they could use it for some Professional exams like CIPM, NIM, etc., just to boost their CV, but they are yet to smell a job offer much less secure any. They suffered in NYSC just to have a bit robust CV and now their suffering has not paid off and doesn’t look to pay off anytime soon.
It is extremely painful that we Nigerians share the 21st century with other countries but do not share the benefits of the 21st century with those countries. We are in the 13th century here in Nigeria.
Not every corps member will suffer this lot but majority will suffer this hardship. It’s not a curse but a statement of fact.
They were so eager to get done with their NYSC thinking that post-NYSC will usher them into a meaningful life. They found out as many will find out that they were dead wrong.
My sympathy to all ex-corps member who are back home depending on their parents for almost everything. I wish I could help but I can’t help your condition.
I used to be an NYSC Corps member who served in Ekiti State some years ago. I’m now an ex-corps member who went through many of the things I wrote above. From experience, it’s not about the Grade you graduated with or the connections you think you have. They all can fail you. What you shouldn’t let fail you is your HOPE. You can take everything away from a person but you can never take away his/her right to hope.
Many will disappoint you and see you as a failure during your hard time. Your own Parents can actually call you a failure in categorical terms. Your lover can do same or worse. Your friends may not pick your calls either because they are ashamed of you or because they are in a worst state than you are. But never stop believing and improving.
I cannot say I am there yet, but I am on the path where my dreams are very clear to see at least by me.
Final advise from me: Never get just any job to survive. Being employed can in most cases be worst than being unemployed. Don’t be a victim of derailed potential over jobs that will entrap you while it saps the life out of you.

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