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My Undergraduate Days- A Retrospect

Prinx Maurice

My Undergraduate Days- A Retrospect

I can clearly remember back in the University when I was accused by one of my lecturers in Philosophy that I must have plagiarized a Term Paper he asked that we all do (each student picking their own topics). To him I couldn’t have been able to come up with such a work and as such I must have copied it from somewhere. My response to him was that I can provide the entire bibliography I used for that work and also the draft. But he had concluded in his heart that such work was beyond my ability. I guess he could see right through me.
What he failed to understand as many Nigerian Lecturers fail to understand is that by accusing his student of plagiarism without any evidence whatsoever but on a hunch (perhaps dislike), he clearly expressed his failure and the failure of the system in producing capable students who could do well in such academic writings. Need I tell you that he gave me a very ridiculous mark while I expected him to come up with evidence to show I plagiarized, and consequently report me to the School Senate which will perhaps suspend me or rusticate me. Maybe he liked to see my face.
He has no evidence to prove his assertion because there was no plagiarism. But he was the Alpha and Omega of his course as almost all Nigerian lecturers are. Funny enough when I look back at the supposed Term Paper and all other Term Papers/Assignments including my Undergraduate Dissertation that I did back in Obafemi Awolowo University, I feel embarrassed by them. How could I possibly have written those nonsense as an undergraduate? But someone thought those write-ups I now see as nonsense were way beyond the ability of an undergraduate.
Well, this is Nigeria- Negation of Philosophy.

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