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Effect Of Weddings On Some Unmarried Women

Prinx Maurice

Effect Of Weddings On Some Unmarried Women

I come from and live in a society where wedding ceremonies are so thought about and planned for than marriage itself. This is a bad thing but not as bad as the effect of weddings on many unmarried spinsters. I have come to observe and reflect on the phenomenon of wedding and consequently reached the below conclusion:

As an unmarried lady who has made it a lifestyle to attend almost all wedding ceremonies either on invitation or not, you are causing mental torture to yourself without knowing how you do it. With each wedding ceremony you attend as a guest, fan, observer or participant (bridal train), you begin to make comparative analysis of yourself and those ladies whose weddings you have witnessed. You start dwelling on thoughts about your inability to get married despite being more beautiful than many of the ladies who you see get wedded. You compare and contrast education, experience, wealth, height and other qualities between you and the other ladies who are wedded before your very eyes.

Note that the original idea was to celebrate with people on their wedding days but it evolves into analysis, self-pity and hate towards those who are fortunate to get married. This is natural.

What then do I suggest? I suggest as an unmarried lady you reduce so drastically your presence in weddings either as a guest or participant. While it is good to celebrate with your fellow ladies on their weddings, the effects of such must be considered. It is no crime if you skip some weddings for your sake and for the sake of those who will feel the effect of your mental troubles and frustrations.

You will get married but not really by attending all weddings you see. Hopefully, I will put up some write-ups on how to put yourself on the path of marriage. But take note that late marriage or no marriage at all doesn’t reduce your essence as a human. It may even be better for you if you don’t get married at all. Marriage itself is not a guaranteed haven.

Marriage is not an End in itself but a Means to an end- Your end in most cases.

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