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A Call For Church Reformation

Prinx Maurice

A Call For Church Reformation

This Intentional Or Ignorant Criminality In The Church Must Cease Now!

Given my many years in Church activities and involvement in Church administration, it seems ironic that I should speak against the anomalies in the Church. But this is exactly why I should speak out because I should know better.


In my many years within the Church Hierarchy, I have come to know that there is really no boundary between the Offices of Presiding Pastors (Bishops, Shepherds, Prophets, etc.) and the Church Finance. This has of course caused needless schisms within the Church of Christ.

There should be a clear-cut boundary between the salaries and allowances of Pastors of a Church and the income of the Church. It is true that an individual can start a Church and as such can be tempted into acting as though the Church of God is stricto sensu similar in operations to a Monetized Company.

To me, once a Church has been built to a considerable size, the “Man of God” if at all he has the fear of God in him, should separate his earnings from the earnings of the Church. I think it is sheer greed that makes founding Pastors control a Church as though it is their personal business venture where they have almost all stakes and shares in.

General Overseers or whatever titles they choose to be addressed by should clearly separate their income from Church income. The Church should pay the Pastors including the founding Pastors as well as Coordinating Pastors and other Pastors/Workers and not the Pastor holding the entire finance of the Church as his own. As it stands now, the worth of many “Mega Churches” is not different from the worth of their founding Pastors and General Overseers.

I see no reason either ethically or Biblically why a Pastor should divert the finance of the Church into his private pockets.

A pastor can own his private businesses financed by his salary and allowances from the Church, but the businesses of a Church should not be the property of any Pastor.

While this Article doesn’t particularly concern itself with how much a Pastor can worth in Monetary terms, I nonetheless see General Overseers worth $190 million dollars or $20 million dollars or below that range but quite enormous as Christian leaders who have lost focus from the things of God. There is no excuse for this criminality and rape of the Church. The Offerings of a Church do not belong to the Pastors either General Overseers or whatever level of Pastors. The money belongs to all the members of the Church. This doesn’t mean that Pastors are not free to receive Financial gifts from people as Pastors but never as the Church itself.

The early Christians coordinated by the Apostles sold their belongings, brought the money to the Church so that the money could be used equally amongst all of them depending on their needs. Why can’t we copy what the early Christians did? Why will Pastors enrich themselves at the expense of the Church members? Why will a Pastor convert the money made by the Church into his own only to be happy that he is ranked amongst the millionaires in the world while hundreds or thousands of the Church members are languishing in abject poverty? Many of those extremely poor members do not have what to eat after each Service and they do the menial works in the Church unpaid, yet someone in suit who stands on the Altar lives in outrageous wealth and even own multi-million dollar houses and private planes.

I in no way say that Pastors should not be rich but that their riches must be a product of business investments financed with their own money either earned as salary or as gifts and not by cleverly and dubiously diverting the income of the Church either in tithes and offerings or in businesses established in the name of the Church and financed by the Church. The enriching of private pockets of Pastors through the Church is ungodly and criminal. A Pastor should be nothing but a Coordinator and not the Proprietor of the Church and Church businesses.

These Pastors should fear God and do the godly things, but I fear majority of them are blinded by lust for money that they are willing to go to hell instead of be known as a “Financially Okay” Pastors. If you must be rich, then be rich in your own name and stop using the Church as a frontier for your businesses.

I’m a Christian who is concerned with the apostasy going on in the Church of God. This critique doesn’t make me less a Christian. While at it, lets not be carried away by those Pastors whose Church Doctrine is centered on Holiness is reflected in their many regulations on Dressing and Romance. This and similar attitudes/doctrine does not exclude them from Crimes against the Church of Christ and against Humanity in general. That is only a facade.

You will shocked to know that I am not an average Church Member so I do not speak out of spite for Church Leaders. I speak out of Love for the Church of Christ.


God Bless The Church Of Christ As We March On Through Right Paths.

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