Cutting Edge


Ola Falola


Happiness is something we all supposedly want and strive for, but many of us do not achieve. We may have good days, or fun nights, but in the day to day moments, we get too caught up in emotions like worry, anger, annoyance, or disappointment to be happy.

We are happy by default. If we have our basic survival needs; food, water, shelter, a moderate temperature, enough sleep, and people around us who are good to us… we really should be happy.
The saying money can’t buy happiness is repeated a lot; so many times that one would believe it to be true. Truth is, there are a lot of rich people who are miserable, a lot of poor people who are happy… and there are a lot of rich people who are happy, and poor people who are miserable. Money is not tied to happiness, unless a person decides it to be. Some shun money, others envy those who have it, and others still have it but are so afraid of losing it that they still are not ever really happy.

When you encounter a tragedy such as death, a major illness or accident, there is so much shock from the feeling of loss that it is just not possible to just shake it off. It is then that a lot of people realize what they had before. They wish for yesterday to return, but if yesterday did return, they would not have appreciated it.

During time of major upset, one has to go through mourning and deal with grief. Outside of major upset, happiness is really just a matter of choice. You really can just choose to be happy and be so. Other people and circumstances will arise that are not what you expected, or are obstacles, but whether you are happy or angry, most of the time, they will still be there. When you choose to maintain your positive outlook, you will be more open to solutions than if you allow yourself to get really angry or real sad. If you focus on what you want- happiness…it will return shortly. If you shift your focus to what is wrong in that moment, then happiness will make a quick exit.

What i’m saying is the fact that to be happy or otherwise is solely your responsibility. Every man is an agent unto himself. This may seem oversimplified, but it truly is that simple.

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