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Abortion: The Metaphysics Of A Fetus Beyond Simple Pro-Life And Pro-Choice Arguments- Part I

Prinx Maurice

Abortion: The Metaphysics Of A Fetus Beyond Simple Pro-Life And Pro-Choice Arguments- Part I

Amongst all hotly debated issues, the issue of Abortion remains at the very centre of philosophical, religious, moral and medical discourses. Even amongst religious folks in the same religion, abortion remains a problematic. It is not the phenomenon of abortion that is problematic to understand but the very morality and in many cases the spirituality of it. Christians and many other religionists are divided over the interpretation of abortion either it is scriptural or anti-scriptural. Amongst Christians, some say it is anti-biblical while some say the Bible is silent or at best not categorical about abortion given the nebulous nature of the phenomenon. It is worth knowing that the debate over abortion either its rightness and wrongness or its siprituality is placed firmly within the schools of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. The arguments from both opposing schools of thought are convincing making it confusingly difficult to follow a particular school of thought stricto sensu. The crux of the debate is centred chiefly on the below two questions:

Is a fetus equal a human being?
At what stage in the development of a fetus can a fetus be said to be a human being?

Knowing the metaphysics of a fetus will help us know when murder is committed if by murder we mean the unlawful killing of a human being. Even if a fetus at a particular stage can be said to be a human being, it cannot be categorically asserted that a fetus possess in totality the rights and capacity of a human being. This is a legal hurdle on its own.
Christians who support Pro-Choice may well change their minds and thereby follow other Christians who support Pro-Life but are not sure about the above two questions. Deeper understanding into these questions may spur changes in the poll between the two camps. Christians are not only concerned with the legality and morality of abortion but are also if not more concerned with the spirituality of it as regards SIN.

Before we can ascertain the morality, spirituality and legality of abortion will must first consider its metaphysics which is to me the only foundation upon which other submissions rest.

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