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Who Are They Playing?

Amobi Wakilat P

Who Are They Playing?

Politics is a game,
That has become a common slogan.
But who are they playing?
Aren’t our politicians the players?
The game! Is it political party,
Is it ethnicity?
Is it a game between APC and PDP?
Or is it between  Hausa and Igbo?
During President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure,  an Igbo man, under PDP, “Boko Harram” Was the major threat to the nation’s peace and security. Boko Harram allegedly identified by some as Muslim (Northern) agitators
against  western education, and by some as religious miscreants who believed they were fighting for God by killing only “Christians”.

Also,  there was the uproar agitation of “Bring Back Our Girls” which started as a result of the alleged kidnapping of innocent female students of a school in the North.

Hun! I Laugh!

Now is President Muhammed Buhari’s tenure, an Hausa man, under APC, we hear of Niger Delta Avengers agitating for special allocation from the federation account being the region which serve as the major source of crude
oil for the country,

Ki lo de!   O gi ni!

We hear of Easterners wanting secession from Nigeria by bringing up their
long forgotten “Republic Of Biafra”, but all of a sudden, Boko Haram became silent (almost extinct).
Where were Niger Delta Avengers during Jonathan’s tenure?
Why didn’t we hear of Biafra when Jonathan was president?
Why are Boko Harram silent now that Buhari is head  of State?
Are they really playing us?
They are playing themselves.
We are now wise,
We have been illuminated.
But unfortunately,
Our overwhelming desires for a better tomorrow keeps driving us towards the wrong actions and directions,
And at most times,  we always had to make a choice between two wrong alternatives presented before us on how to use our major power (votes).

I have said my own, what do you think?


Disclaimer: This article is not a representation of Prinx Maurice Blog. It solely represents the thoughts of the writer.

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