Cutting Edge


Shola Victor Aluko



We live in a world where nothing comes easy, a planet where most of us have to do it ourselves because people no longer offer their shoulder to lean on, in this way, all you want to be remains a dream. Some drives their best cars, did that glamorous wedding, went for those professional exams, got that dream job, and had their best vacation only in their dreams. At times something keeps telling you that God don’t like you, and now you are of the notion that the only thing you know how to do best is to fail. Most of the times you feel like ending it, many are times you feel like you can’t go on and you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you are not destined to be great.
I am going to tell you this for free and please take this serious like a heart attack. Nobody was born successful, we only have different opportunities. Now let’s share with ourselves three points that will make that dream a reality.

1. Never Depend on the Government.
Most of us are of the (permit me to use this word) gullible belief that it is only the government that can make us successful. If you still belong to the group that cast all their burdens on the “Poli-trickian” in government, I pray you wouldn’t be useless like the ‘P’ in the word Psychology. We’ve got to learn to analyze trend of things so as to adjust in accordance to policies of government, so that when people are lamenting, you would be smiling to the bank. Guys know that THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO BE POOR IS TO DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT.

2. Do Not Join The Betting.
There is this gambling thing going on among the youth. Most of the youths are of the opinion that they can cut corners and make it overnight through this online sport betting. Such belief is naive, foolhardy and time wasting. Learn to invest your money and time into what does not need luck but hard work and talent. Don’t get it twisted, there’s this modicum of luck in every of our endeavors but we all should work as if luck does not exit. Depending on luck makes us lazy. WORK AS IF LUCK DOESN’T EXIST.

3. Work Hard and Smart.
Most of us want to be great, but we sleep greatly. I will give this to you straight, sleep and greatness are not good friends and they will never be. I was struck by a line of word at the just concluded youth empowerment workshop at Bi Solutions by Tokumbo Fasoro. The line goes thus, ‘Rich people work when the poor are sleeping’. If rich people can wear their thinking and creative caps throughout the night, I tell you, you’ve got to start ignoring the sleep and work your way to the top, after all we all have more than enough time to rest and sleep when we exchange bed for grave, (when we die)

4. Don’t Stop When You Are Tired, Stop When You Are GREAT.
At this juncture let us peep into and see some of the top ten great people that refused to quit despite their initial failures.

What more can I say? OK guys I guess it’s “home o’ clock”. But let me leave you with this saying. “Sink or swim, you are to paddle your own canoe. Till we meet again on this blog, remember the real spelling of greatness is H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K.



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