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Learning From Kim Kardashian

Learning From Kim Kardashian

When the light goes out, it takes memory to navigate smoothly although not swiftly in that dark path occasioned by the absence of light. Life is not extinguished because there is a darkness no matter how thick and long-lasting it is. But to navigate easily once darkness comes upon you, you must be imaginative enough to foresee dark times even in the r present abundance of light. This imagination would cause you to prepare before time by strengthening your memory capacity and flexibility in such a way that it can lead you in dark times if and when there ever comes to be periods like that.

Given the need for imagination and preparation, I will like to put up my opinion here by highlighting a thing or two about a Social Celebrity. I don’t have any special likeness for Kim Kardashian just as I don’t also hate her. But while I feel indifferent to her person and sometimes concerned, I can’t but admire her business dexterity. I have always seen her as someone who do not wish to make the world moral or less immoral. I have known her to be someone who quite enjoys the immorality in the world with a special keenness on the sexual profanity of dressing. She has for a long time now being an Ambassador of semi-nudity as well as full scale nudity with a few of her pictures and videos having her body well covered leaving little or nothing to stimulate sexual imaginations in people.

Kim Kardashian knows she is bodily beautiful and I believe she also knows that Academics or any similar intellectual engagements would not be so easy for her, so she opted for glitz and glamour of body display in apparels so seductive that even the blind could feel its effect. While Kim’s choice of lifestyle is not the intention of this write-up to analyse, she is quintessential to the core of this write-up. She gets her fame and consequent wealth from the millions of fan base she has on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and television platforms. She preys on those captivated by bodily beauty so much that they by merely following her on her numerous social media platforms, she rakes in millions of dollars each year from sponsors and advertisers on her TV shows, magazines, Blogs and many other media outlets. She doesn’t just take endless pictures, upload just anything or waste around not making cash. She sells a brand: Her body. Of course, I do not cherish and respect her for her nudity, but I respect her business insight.

Many of you ladies have more than 3000 Facebook friends and hundreds of Twitter and Instagram followers, yet you are broke or out-rightly poor. You are rightly so because you do things so sheepishly without any consideration for the future or for any important thing. There is power in women, but only when you understand how it works and utilize it to your benefit. Every man likes to hang out with a woman no matter how beautiful or not she is, but you have to show yourself worthy enough of their attention. You need to see your thousands of Facebook followers as a market. They are market because you can make money from them. Start to chronicle your pictures, catalog them and get a viable platform to sell them. To add glitz to them, get to attend social functions where you will get to meet celebrities who should accept to take one or two pictures with you.

I could teach you a thing or two on how to make money with your endless picture uploads instead of the time wasting you engage in. I intend to write more later, for now, I hope you will see the difference between you and Kim Kardashian. This difference is not in the beauty or expensive makeovers, but in the mind. You too can be a Kim Kardashian. Hopefully, you will be less aggressive with the body display.

-Princewill Iweajunwa

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