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Random Thoughts On The Vicissitudes Of Life

Prinx Maurice

Random Thoughts On The Vicissitudes Of Life

The price to pay makes the sought after victory have a bitter aftertaste.

When battles have much casualties, then who will be left to celebrate the victory at the end of the war?

When the casualties of war are the Civilians and not the Soldiers, then who was the war meant to benefit?

When you lose important things to gain what is important, what logic is there to account for the lose of those other things?

We are all options and we all have options. Some think that they have options but never seem to recognize that they are also options.

Never have something beautiful completely erased pain caused by its emergence. The supposed beauty constantly serves as a reminder of the pain you once experienced.

My life is mine but I treat it as if it belongs to another.

The best that can be gotten from this enterprise called LOVE is nothing but a psychological masturbation of the brain processes. There is nothing tangible about LOVE.

There is something greater and better than hatred. INDIFFERENCE. You feel nothing if that is even possible.

Death by a thousand cuts? Never! I would that you do that to yourself if you wish, for i’m too preoccupied with some pressing matters to exert my energy in such time wasting exercise- LOVE

If someone occupies your mind all the time, then such a person is important to you even if you see such a person as an enemy.

Life has never been more beautiful than the day I found out that DEATH is a gift of nature to me. Now I know that I don’t have to tolerate you forever for DEATH is my escape route if truly it is.

You are too important that is why I left you in my diary where no one will ever see you or hear you speak.

There is no PEACE anywhere in the world. Peace will make everything boring to say the least.

We all came to this world alone. We all we die alone. My death is mine. Your death is yours. What you call collective sharing is only a window to make your existence depend on mine. My life is a burden on its own so do not cajole me into adding yours to it.

The barren seek for children as though there is an eternal reward for such venture.

You owe no one any explanation. No one owes you any explanation. Welcome to CHAOS if this is what you call freedom.

You never know what you have until you lose it. I think this is the tale of the loser. To the winner, you never know what you are missing until you get rid of what you have.

The end product of love is PAIN. Why love when all you do is to fight for it until it kills you or you die in it?

To make a wrong choice is bad, but to be a wrong choice is of greater ‘badness’.

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