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My Simple Thought On Humans As Murder Weapon

My Simple Thought On Humans As Murder Weapon
I wouldn’t know how many of you are familiar with Crime Scene Investigation processes or other Police procedures, but I wish to highlight what is to me a quizzing thought.
When a crime is committed, lets take Homicide; murder, manslaughter, euthanasia, and execution as an example (although not all Homicides are crimes), the weapon of Homicide specifically Murder & Manslaughter if found is retrieved from the Crime Scene by the Police and taken to the Forensics for examination.
The above is conceivable and common place because the weapon of murder is inanimate (non-living). But we forget the possibility another albeit imaginative reality which is animated objects being a murder weapon. The questions arising from the foregoing are these:
What happens if a Human Being (conscious, unconscious or dead) is a murder weapon? Is s/he to be taken, wrapped up and transferred to the Forensics like an object? If this is possible, then what happens to the right of such human to be treated as a “Conscious Being” and not as an unconscious object, if perhaps s/he is alive? If s/he is kept in Police custody, does it not imply Police incarceration? There are so many quintessential issues generating from this possibility.
You may think it is impossible and inadmissible to tender a human as a murder weapon, but it is not. One could strangle another human by choking him or her simply by twisting his/her neck with the legs of another human. How this is possible lies within the realm of imagination though not factually devoid of existential possibility. Just imagine a world with endless possibilities.
Well, this thought has been recurring in my head for a very long time. Stupid? Maybe! Impossible? I doubt!
I am sure that this will make for an interesting study to those who are in the field of CSI, Philosophy, Psychology, and of course Jurisprudence. For the rest, it is just another gibberish from Prinx Maurice.

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