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Want! Not Need!


Want! Not Need!

As Adam Smith was right to say, human wants are insatiable. Given this reality, many humans have become slaves to their own desires of wanting the needless. There is an overwhelming effect Wants have on us, so much that many are almost incapable of distinguishing between their wants and their needs. For the few who can distinguish between their wants and their needs, fewer still can decide to pick their needs over their wants without so much brain processing.

I will like to relate this to people’s experiences in Friendship, Romantic Relationships and many other human “Experientials”. We most times do realize that we do not need certain people as lovers or friends, but our crave for them puts our want over our need for them that we become clouded in reason so much that we exalt these people to lofty positions they do not deserve or even care to have us put them. We enslave ourselves to our desire for them that we hurt so much when they do not reciprocate equal attention. In fact, we are so enveloped by this madness that we are ready to settle for flashes of their presence and attention. Guys who so much desire a girl they know is a flirt and can do anything to keep her or retain participation in her circus show. Ladies who desire a guy they know is a certificated and chronic womanizer. These are people who are held captive by their Wants. They don’t need this but they want it nonetheless. They become stupid in their pursuit but they don’t mind so long as they get occasional taste of the pudding even if it takes almost forever.

Friendships which are sustained not on any notable or near notable merit but on the supposition that the other party or interested observers will nurse hate or other ill feelings towards the party which causes or allows for the ‘De-friendship’ irrespective of any germane reason for such de-friendship. You do not need certain individuals as your friends, but the want to keep them for whatever reason enslaves you to their whims and caprices so much that you only tolerate them rather than enjoy the friendship. Well, they don’t care or do anything to sustain the friendship. You are the one who cares so you hurt from your care to keep them.

Until you begin to separate your wants from your needs and pursue your needs with the vigor you put in your pursuit of wants, you may never get to enjoy both, at least not at a regular frequency. Making your WANTS know it/s/he is a want, improves your chances of have such want. The wants will naturally wish to attain a high status before you given your “dispassionateness” towards it/s/he when almost every other person is enslaved to it/s/he. In the quest to conquer you, it/s/he becomes your conquest even without you lifting a hand or foot. It is a mental battle.

Enough said I think.

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