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A Brief Case For Social Media And Other Internet Writing

Prinx Maurice

A Brief Case For Social Media And Other Internet Writing

It feels good to seek and get popularity on Social Media and off it. But it takes so much more to remain relevant after you must have established your presence to people. You must be creative, consistent, persistent, and of course be open to reading, listening and observing with a view to garner knowledge, sift information, and articulately present your information in styles that are particular to you. These are what make you a Brand. It takes months or years to become a Brand, and forever to retain your Brand Value and keep improving on it.

Little wonder why many people do not bother to write or be creatively and intelligently active wherever they are especially on the Internet. They cannot sustain the pressure from such activity. They are afraid that they may not be accepted by the public, that they may make a mess of themselves through exposing themselves to the public eye via their write-ups. They are concerned about their Grammar, Syntax, Punctuations, and many other Language communication essentials. They want to be Perfectionists. Little do they know that Perfection comes from exposing yourself to many failures in attempts.

For some of us who scribble some things for public consumption, we are not born refined, we are only products of our interactions in the public space. As I am apt to tell many people, we all have something the next person needs. Don’t be selfish not to illuminate the path of another through the Knowledge deposited in you. The only way to improve lives, and to be refined yourself is to be a Communicator of information to people. At the long run, you are better off through this.

I have never attended a Professional Writing Class. I consider myself a Learner. A Learner because I always have room for improvement.

Communicating to the public through the Social Media gives you a free training on Public Relations and Community Service. There are just so much you gain from it.

I am quite aware that there are people who get Hundreds and Thousands of Likes and Comments just for endlessly uploading Pictures on their Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., while there are many others who hardly get Ten Likes and Comments from posting Intelligent things online. While it may feel discouraging, let the fact that there are many others who get Hundreds and Thousands of Likes and Comments on their regular update on Intelligent contents motivate you. Let those people inspire you, but let your own Advancement and Reaching Out inspire you even more.

While I encourage you to Write Critically and Intelligently, please do add some doses of Comedy to your write-ups. It is to me an interesting approach to Writing. Also Like and Comment on Posts of other people whose posts you read or find interesting. Don’t be a Hater. Critique their write-ups if need be. You improve by it and also improve the Writer you critique.

To conclude my little piece, please avoid PLAGIARISM in any form or style. Never be tempted to Copy and Paste another person’s work without properly and clearly REFERENCING that person in the write-up. Avoid terms such as “#Copied“, “Saw This On A Friend’s Wall”, and so many other forms of Intellectual Theft- Plagiarism. The owner of the Write-up has a name, please Cite that Name boldly and distinctly.

I wish you all the best as you journey in the world of Writing and other Communications.

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